#Day 116: Turning into a New Leaf (August 13, 2015, Thursday)

I was consistent of just buying vegetables for lunch last week that even if I didn’t like veggies much, I was able to survive until yesterday. But now, when there was “lechon kawali” in our cafeteria’s menu, I surrendered to my cravings and sort of gave up with my diet plan.


Just like me, you may have experienced that turning into a new leaf and leaving behind old habits is not a piece of cake. This is the reason why those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs tend to have withdrawal syndrome during treatment and those who are overcoming smoking feels like dying when they can’t have their usual stick.


This also applies to people who just got out of relationships. Whether you had to leave someone because you are too young, you are in an illicit love affair or you are not really meant for each other for reasons you only know, you still miss receiving attention from that person to the point that you feel like going “crazy”. Or having that feeling of being incomplete for those who got used to doing things and eventually woke up one day having to start anew because you don’t have the resources anymore or you have to move to a different place.


If you are caught in the same situation as mine and starting anew seems a challenge, here’s a quick guide on making things happen:


  1. Find an accountability partner—someone who would remind you of the goal you set and why you want to change.


  1. Live up to your goal— why do you need to do what you need to do? Is it because you want to feel good? You want to be forgiven for hurting someone? You want to make things better?


  1. You involve God in your decisions—you cannot do things by yourself and relying on our own strength will just fail us. Ive experienced this.



What are the things that you want to change in your life? Remember, you can F.L.Y.—–Find an accountability partner, Live up to your goal, You involve God.


As for my diet plan, can you, my readers, be my accountability partner?
Photo credit to Skylierreyes— my cover photo for my story. 


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