#Day 118: Facebook’s a Whole New World (August 15, 2015, Saturday)

It was March 2015 when I became active with several Facebook groups including those that have something to do with Wattpad, Westlife, Chess and others that are related to my interests.

I am thankful that for the past 6 months, I have met people who became my friends and people who share the same likes that I have. It is a blessing to talk to them and share as well nuggets about life.

Today though, one of my friends has decided to create a new facebook account where she can freely express and posts whatever she feels like posting especially those that are related with her wattpad friends. Those who belong to her “FRIENDS AROUND HER CIRCLE” have felt that my friend has spent most of her time with us, forgetting about them and life outside the social media.

I guess, her friends are right. I am guilty myself of spending a lot of time in Facebook when I get home.

I affirm that there should really be a balance between your “ACTUAL SOCIAL LIFE” and your “ONLINE SOCIAL LIFE” and we should be responsible as to how we use our time.

There is also a need to be extra careful in talking to people through Facebook especially that there are those who create accounts after accounts with the end in mind of hurting and taking advantage of you.

Using Facebook should be a tool to reach out to people and yes, a tool to help them realize that there is life outside Facebook.

Free people from hurt. Inspire them.

Allow creativity to pour in. Collaborate with  people who share the same interests with yours.

Create a support group. I just created a tutorial team for some members of a facebook group I joined. This aims to remind the members that studies is still our number one priority.

Encourage those who are down. Those who  lose hope.

Bring out the best in them—those you became friends with.

Overcome divisions.

Overcome insecurities.

Keep a positive online experience.

This blog goes out to all the people who have made Facebook surfing worth my time! You know who you are! I am grateful of having you all guys.


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