#Day 120: My Stories Got New Covers and Related Musings (August 17,2015,Monday)

While it is true that we should never judge a book by its cover, we cannot deny the fact that a book’s cover, without reading the synopsis of the story, is one of the factors that will make us read a particular story.


Well, a more compelling book design is an imperative especially in Wattpad, a platform that gives an opportunity for everyone to express what they feel through “publishing” their own book.


I guess, this is one of the challenges why my books are not getting much attention compared to others, although I know that I should also look into my content, the covers I had before were plain and had I not written the stories myself, I am pretty sure that I would pay less attention to it.


Thanks to my friend skylierreyes, also a Wattpad author like me, who, out of her kind heart, got me new covers.

I would have to admit that the new covers generated positive feedback from my current readers and has increased the number of people adding my stories—-Relentless and And I Kiss Brian Goodbye to their reading lists. (https://www.wattpad.com/93836049-relentless-wattys2015-mywattyschoice-i-vianna)


With the experience I had, I guess, a compelling book cover really is a plus factor to getting your stories read. And if you wanted to reach out to more readers to bring to them the “message” of your story, then as a writer, you should not only focus on the content but also on the design of your cover.


In marketing, this is called packaging. Products that have good packaging sell more than those with less appealing ones.


In Journalism, publishing companies choose “BIG ISSUES” and emotionally appealing pictures in the headline to make the readers buy the newspapers.

In TV Commercials, producers commission popular actors and actresses to serve as models to get more viewers who will eventually turn to patrons of their products.


How do we apply this in our own lives?


Today, take the challenge of GIVING YOUR BEST SHOT. Get a “new cover.”


Getting a new cover doesn’t mean that you get a plastic surgery or pretend that you are somebody else. This means reinventing yourselves and being not intimidated by others. Discover where you are good at and make the most of the talent you have. Remember, you are equally talented, created by God perfectly. Use them to shine for the Lord and reach out to people.



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