#Day 122: It’s All About Collaboration (August 19,2015,Wednesday)

I woke up at 3:30 in the morning today and made it to the 6:30 AM call time for an unplanned video shoot that brought a lot of “stress” and realization throughout the day.
One of which is how everything works so well when we collaborate with each other.
Composed of around 20 people from their Production Manager to their director to the cameramen and make-up artist, they have executed pretty well the shoot, and you see in their eyes how they work smoothly without being told what to do so.
Being able to work with a team whom you’ve never known prior to working with them is a blessing. When you are able to set aside your pride from time to time and you learn to appreciate that all are capable of doing something great and that you complement each other, then, you are on the right track.
When Jesus chose his disciples, he did not limit the members to the goody good ones but rather, he called up people from different walks of life to be part of the ministry. That’s collaboration in action.

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