#Day 128: Color the World Red (August 25,2015, Tuesday) 


He is young yet he has empowered a lot of people, both young and old, from his radio program, to his facebook posts, and now even reaching the people of Armenia, helping them build a community, a church, and introducing Jesus in their lives.


Juan Alfredo Calayan or fondly called by his friends “Red” has always been an inspiration not only to the youths but even to the not so young ones as he lives his life pleasing to the Lord.


I met Red when he was still in high school and I would admit that his presence speaks so much of how joyful it is to have Jesus in your life. His smile is overflowing and an encouragement.


Red’s life is a testament that Jesus works in the lives of everyone, he does not care what our status is or how young or old we are, he cares because he just cares, because he loves us no matter who we are.

Today, reflect on His goodness to your life.  At times you may feel like you’ve been left out or He does not care about you  but do not ever think of that.  I myself have experienced brokenness, and yet, I emerged someone stronger, loved and cared for.


Always remember that Jesus has so much love for you, to the point of dying on the cross so that we will be saved.


Color the world red—red for Jesus’ undying love for humanity.


*My picture with Red Calayan during his visit.


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