#Day 127: Busy,Blissful,Monday (August 24,2015)

Today’s busy Monday ended with me checking my wattpad account to read comments from readers and to somehow get inspiration to push myself to update the stories I have started.

For writers, I guess there really comes a time that there is so much in your mind and yet there are some “challenges” along the way and you just cant update. =(


For some of the wattpad writers like me, one of the things that keep us going, apart from the comments and the votes and the increase in readership, is the fact that there are other wattpad users who follow us.


And as a way of thanking those people, I usually follow back, knowing that one way or the other, a “follow”  back may mean a lot  and never did I know that following back someone can be so blissful especially that a follow back has made the person start writing the story that she has long kept in her heart.


Find time to give back to the people who have touched your life. Send a thank you text or a facebook post or treat him/her over a cup of coffee. A little pat on the shoulder can meet a lot.


To my fellow writer and friend Jen, I am glad that you’ve finally started your story and you considered me as your mentor. It means so much to me.

I hope that you will continue to use your gift to touch the lives of the people around you, to make them realize that there is a wonderful world out there!


Read Jen’s story at https://www.wattpad.com/story/48217265-sitwasyon-desisyon-pagsisisi-shortstory



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