#Day 126: Unrestrained, Joyful, Overflowing (August 23,2015,Sunday)

Today, I take time to reflect on God’s goodness in my life and share to you a poem written from my heart, and if by any chance you know how to put melody into this, then by all means, let us collaborate for a worship song to win more people for God.


Special shout out to my cousin Gem Bonicelli for inspiring me to write this one.


I closed my eyes and tried to find
The peace I need in my life…
So many voices to listen to
A lot of things to look into.

I thought I can do everything by myself
And that I won’t need anyone’s help
I am strong and powerful and all great
Yes, I am, the ever talented, amazing, superb.

Then I woke up one day with no one to talk to
I lost in my own battles, in pain, confused and bruised too
I have nowhere to go and nowhere to run
It seems like I won’t be seeing the sun.

It took me a while before I realize
That I cannot do everything without Christ
I relied so much on myself alone
Without knowing that I can’t do it on my own.

Now as I surrender everything to Jesus
And lift up my life and all that I have
I am giving full control of my life to Him
And let his light shine through the dim.

I am unrestrained and joyful and overflowing
I have received freedom from Jesus alone
A renewed life that will bring praises to Him
And every day, I’ll give glory to Him.


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