#Day 129: Why Maggie is Ranked 14th (August 26,2015,Wednesday)

From zero to 100 to top 14 then top 12, (and as of this writing, top 7) even if I have not updated yet, my Filipino-English story, And I Kiss Brian Goodbye has emerged from nothing into something after I’ve written the story last January 2015.

The story of Maggie tells us of a 19 year old girl who lost both of her parents at an early age and is left by herself—she’ll be tested along the story, including falling in love and making decisions that would benefit not only herself but the people around her.

The sudden jump of its ranking is just “phenomenal.”

I am taking this opportunity to thank people (sorry for missing some) who took time to read this and help reach its status now:

Skylierreyes, whose new cover design encouraged more readers to read

BhestJenAmase for voting and promoting despite of her eye problem (hehehe)

BeeChell and my sister Jem whose votes and comments are so entertaining and are helping me now with my new update (watch out for better updates soon)

To my big sister Anj who prays for all my stories to succeed

And to VioletIce1302, Seanziewatty, Zen, and DadoyYzabelle, my readers and friends who have flooded me votes and comments and who would always prod me to update (which I have not done until now)

And to AH_Agustus and WaitingForACowboy whose support from the very beginning never faltered up until now.

And of course to all my dear readers, silent and the “noisy” ones for reading and re-reading up until I update

Thank you so much.


Today is a testament of how something simple can be an exta-ordinary if we “participate and get involved.”

On a macro perspective, let us have ourselves involved in simple things that create impact for the common good,  a wider number of people:

  1. Waste management
  2. Tree Planting
  3. Teaching Children how to Read
  4. Joining your school’s clubs or your company’s Corporate Social
  5. Being an involved member of your community

List down simple things that you can do during your spare time that will help make this world a better place to live in.


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