#Day 130: When Algebra Brings Inspiration (August 27,2015,Thursday)

I have a love-hate relationship with Algebra. =)

Back in high school, my first quarter grade almost made it impossible for me to be in the Top 10 while in College, my 1.75 grade got me a “cum laude” award which could have been higher if I didnt get that grade.

Since then, I would always stay away from topics concerning mathematics but if I would be forced too, of course, I would gladly hep.

And just a month ago, we thought of using a Facebook group to reach out to its members and help them with their academics. I crossed my finger that if there would be a member who’d ask help in Algebra, someone would be willing to do so because if not, it would really be sad that if I wont be able to help the member.

True enough, a very enthusiastic member asked help with her Algebra and just like an answered prayer, a member volunteered to teach the subject. It was really a relief on my part and facilitating the tutorial session via group chat is soo memorable and I never thought that tutorial would bring so much positive impact to the life of the member we helped out.

Today, I received a message that the member made it to the Top 28 of their class and she was so grateful to me for facilitating the tutorial and to the member who took time to teach her.

Indeed, even in our weakness, God will still use us. It is not about us but about God. We may feel incompetent, not capable or too weak, but God has ways of making us rise from our imperfections and work in our lives.

Do you feel like you dont have anything to share to the world? and you are nothing? You are created for a purpose. You are created for a reason. God created you. So smile and shine! You will rise.


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