#Day 132: My Daughter Named Jomabel, an Open Letter (August 29, 2015, Saturday)

Dear Child,

Today, you turned 18 and a week older and yet, we have not done some “quality time” together like what we used to before, but despite all that, please bear in mind that you will always be one of those wonderful people I met in my life.

At your young age, you have exemplified a lot of great things that youth of your age have not. Your thoughts are always a point of reflection for me especially when you tell me that there is a better way of doing this and that. You are very spontaneous. You work fast. You are smart. You can do a lot of things.

In times when you feel like there is no reason why things are happening, listen to your heart and feel the presence of the Lord. He has a purpose for everything, we may not understand right away but all things work together for good for those who believe in Him.

I see a bright future ahead of you. Do not relent and keep the fire burning even if you are sooo “far away” from us. Always remember that I’d always be your mom and I am just a text away. You will always be my “Dora” and my mini me (wag ka ng umangal, pagbigyan mo ko.)

So today, as you turn a week older, I pray that your life will shine through, brightly and will be the light to fellow youths, an inspiration to keep them going and a channel of God’s love.

You are not alone in your battle. You have your mom here and God.
Cheers! Happy birthday child!



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