#Day 133: Why My Cousins are Amazing (August 30,2015,Sunday)

My cousins have always been supportive of all the things I do. They never failed to back me up, inspire me and encourage me. They have always believed in what I am capable of doing.


There were those times that they accompanied me for a job interview, took care of me when I was sick and even helped me with my costumes back in college. When I was so much into Westlife, some of them bought me posters and even recorded Westlife songs.


Days ago, I was in touch with one of them as I try to explain how she can support me with my Wattpad journey. (One of my cousins has been generous enough of her votes and comments, but not all of them.) She was so happy to tell me that finally she has an account but the internet connection is giving her a hard time supporting me.


And so today, after months of not visiting them, I took the chance to make the most of the holiday tomorrow and stormed my cousins’ place with my portable wifi to make sure that I get their commitment to read, comment and vote for my stories. I admit that I badly need their support to keep the rank of the stories plus I also want to get their honest opinions on how I would be able to improve my story.


They surrendered their mobiles and gadgets, even my nephews, giving me the “power” to install wattpad.


I tried several times, again and again, even when we were almost at the gate of my cousins’ place, but to no avail. It failed and we went home unsuccessful of installing the application.


I may have missed out installing wattpad but I didnt regret visiting them.


Apart from the “hardcore” merienda and Coca-cola we shared, they have just reminded me that neither time nor slow internet connection can separate us. We are a family and together we stand. And yeah, they are amazing, inside out.


Would like to invite you to critique my stories too over www.wattpad.com. Please https://www.wattpad.com/user/ElydiaReyes and leave your comments. Support my other cousin too who is in wattpad—VioletIce1302. Thank you.


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