#Day 135: 5 Simple Things we can Learn from Wattpad (Tuesday, September 1, 2015)

It has been 8 months since I started my Wattpad journey although my profile would say I have been a member for 2 years now and from no follower at all, I have reached more than 600, not that a lot but a good number for newbies like me. 

Yes. I still consider myself a newbie—someone who learns every day every time I update my stories and check my Watty account. 

Today, let me share with you 5 simple things Wattpad has reminded me of how to live life. 

1. It is not bad to listen to what others will say about you, listen to them and try to evaluate If what they say will help you become better, if yes, then consider their thoughts. 

My story, And I Kiss Brian Goodybe has become an interactive type of story wherein I have involved readers and friends to help me come up with better chapters. Their suggestions shaped the story and helped me write more interesting updates. 

2. Not a lot of people will appreciate you but never get weary of living your life. You have impact to someone else’s life

Two weeks after I started writing my first story Relentless, I got discouraged as no one has really paid attention to it. But then, 2 readers have found my story and from there, I kept going. They stick with me up to the very last chapter. 

3.  It is a vast world out there. We have so many things we can learn such as knowing our priorities and managing our time. 

Some of the stories in my library have not been updated because the authors are in school or are “busy” while ther are other authors that I follow who update more than 3 stories simultaneously without neglecting their responsibilities. I guess it’s a matter of allocating time according to our priorities. 
4. Always be excited. Live life as if it’s your first day. 

Someone I inspired to write her own story has written more stories than me. She never gets tired to keep on writing and writing and writing. 

5. Ministry is not limited inside the church. You can minister everywhere even in Wattpad. 

I have admired several authors who are so vocal of their faith and I guess writing has become a revolutionary tool to reach out to people. God can use us wherever we are. We just have to surrender and let him work in our lives. 


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