#Day 136: How should we Live Life as Told by Allysa Joyce (Wednesday, September 2,2015)

My routine involves giving unsolicited words of advice  to the scholars who help us a lot in my workplace. I would tell them random things about life praying that in a way, I’d be able to inspire them. 

Today was differnt though. 

I remember telling them, in order for them to give their best shot, that —–

Live life as if it’s your last so you put your best because tomorrow might not come.

Allysa, a very young, sweet and talented scholar looked at me with her questioning eyes.  And with full conviction said: 

Live life is if it’s your first. 

We were silent for a while, I went back to my work area and realized that she too has a point. 

Live life as if it’s your first. You are excited, you look forward to it, you feel happy, energetic, enthusiastic. 

I went back where Allysa was staying and told her that she made her point clear. 

She smiled and nodded. And later on, we both agreed that—–

Whether we live life as if it’s our first or it is our last, we should live life pleasing God. 


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