#Day 137: Being the VIP (September 3,2015,Thursday)

I had my “catch my breath” encounter with our chairman of the board for the 3rd time after 7 years of being in the company. 

The feeling was phenomenal and I guess, he is really a VIP. More than being a very important person, he exudes with so much inspiration that I’d like to call him as a Very Inspiring Person. 

His smile is contagious as well as his energy. Even after 2 board meetings, he was still able to do recommendations for the print ad design we are working on. 

I just hope that I’d be a VIP too in my own right. Someone who can rally people to something big. 

But what does it take to be a VIP? Well I guess a VIP should be someone who has 3 Is—-

1. Initiative—— who doesn’t wait for things to happen but make it happen 

2. Innovative ideas—- doesn’t settle for less but keeps on improving 

3. Impact—– his/her action draws people together to reach a common goal. 

I know I still have to develop these thing. I am still God’s work in progress, being molded every day into someone that He plans me to be. 

For the mean time, while I look forward for greater things to unfold, I’ll remain a VIP in my own way— inspiring, involved, Inlove with life, with my Savior. 
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