#Day 138: Why I Turned Off the TV Today and Missed Watching Jennelyn Mercado (Friday, September 4,2015)

I have always been a fan of Jennelyn Mercado. I met her back when she was still in high school and I was so much in awe when she extended her hand the first time we met. She was all smiling and and friendly. 

It is just sad now that Gma has given her this soap opera that makes me wanna scream at her and just forget about her. 

And so today, i turned off the TV and will most likely skip the succeeding episodes of My Faithful Husband.  I know the network is trying to feature something that might be happening elsewhere, a reality but you can’t blame me if I hope that they can come up with other storylines that empower women, inspire couples, and give encouragement to the viewers. 

Photo credit to http://cdn.overclock.net/0/0c/0cc9cf92_IMG_0862_zps451256


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