#Day 139: Keeping Promises till the End- an ALDUB Reflection (September 5,2015, Saturday)

More than the kilig moment that finally, Alden and Maine have seen each other for the first time, the highlight I guess of today’s kalyeserye is the phenomenal words of advice coming from Lola Nidora.

—- being true to our words, keeping our promises and honoring the words that we say. 

Keeping a promise is one of the personal challenges I have. A promise to myself to exercise, promise to be more involved in the ministry, promise to do daily reflection, promise to meet our quota, promise to call a friend, promise to write children’s stories, promise to wake up early, promise to write scripts daily and the list goes on. 

I don’t wanna make excuses but at times, there are challenges that come my way, perhaps similar to Alden and Maine, similar to the leaders of our country, similar to you too. 

There is one promise though that will remain forever and ever——

God’s promise of a beautiful tomorrow and the days to come only if we surrender our lives to Him as he continues to work in us. 

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