#Day 140: Jesus Pa-more (September 6,2015,Sunday)

We Filipinos are very much into coming up with terms that are “patok” not only to a few but almost to everyone which we use across all platform— from face to face, to online and even in mass media. 

Some terms that have gained popularity are:

– charot, chos,charing, churva

– boom panes 

– Whogoat

– laugh trip

And one that is really popular now is adding #pa-more to our day to day conversation to add intensity or value. 

Examples —- 

The AlDub fever is just phenomenal. #aldub pa-more. 

You got lbm because of eating too much. #kain pa-more

You can’t sleep at night. #kape pa-more

This #pa-more expression should not only be limited to a mere expression but rather be applied in how we live our lives. Our pastor has emphasized in her mesaage today our need to have Jesus in our lives— 

#Jesus pa more

Yeah. More and more and more ❤️


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