#Day 143: When Reading Becomes Addictive (September 9,2015,Wednesday)

I stumbled upon this blog today https://shikidrama.wordpress.com because I can’t get enough of the korean drama I am currently watching and yes, I didn’t stop reading until my eyes were filled with tears as I imagined the challenges of the Ladies in Legendary Witches. 

Reading is such a rewarding activity. It allows readers to develop their creativity and understanding. For people like me who are pre-occupied of so many things and who do not have much time to watch the full episodes, reading recaps of episodes is an alternative. I get the gist of the story and at the same time, “feel” every word and comma and period. It even makes the story more exciting especially that as a reader, I get to participate with the story’s flow. 


Reading can be compared to how we deal with people we do not know. Sometimes there is a feeling of uncertainty but as we get to know the person we realize that there is always something good and special with someone especially that  we are created in the image and likeness of God. 

Today take time to”read”someone’s heart before you judge a person. Just like the saying don’t judge the book by its cover, discover what’s inside. 


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