#Day 144: Southville Strong at 25 (September 10, 2015, Thursday)

Today marks the beginning of a stronger alumni association of Southville and I am blessed to be part of the intimate gathering. Indeed, Southville has produced graduates who are amazing in their own way and it was all worth my time even if I was not supposed to be really part of the gathering. 

And as we gear towards our 25th year, let me list down 25 amazing things, in no particular order, Southville has made me experience for the past 6 years. 

1.  The very first VIP I assisted was former Senator Nikki Coseteng. Back when I was still in high school, I would just hear about her over the news but Southville allowed me to meet one of the great leaders of the country, even spending lunch with her. 

2.  Woke up as early as 3am to join Umagang Kay Ganda shoot and got the chance to have my picture taken with Donita Rose 

3.  And another early morning shoot with Unang Hirit and the water lily products of Cong. Villar 

4. Met passionate GLT Scholars and Seed scholars who have achieved their dreams in life— they are a lot but special shout out to Gerlie and Melai who from being students have became my colleagues 

5. Learned how to eat kimchi and met a lot of korean friends including Lea  —Kyeonghee who has become my prayer partner 

6.  My PR family— ever dynamic, ever growing and so much more 

7. Having school leaders with whom I share my same faith 

8. Being molded day by day by my experiences 

9. Being in different schools, meeting vibrant youths and helping them choose their careers 

10. Playing with kids and singing nursery songs with them, seeing them grow and move from the smaller campus to the bigger one 

11. Meeting the author  of She’s Dating the Gangster, Bianca Bernardino who happens to be an alumna 

12. Getting tips from an international author, Kate Evangelista and firing my passion to write. 

13. I finally started my own blog– this blog, because of my officemate who asked me to review a pair of slippers 

14. I’ve met Manilyn Reynes— Pepito manaloto star, Andrew e, JORoss Gamboa and a lot more

15. I’ve met and became friends with my spritual partner, Carla Ravanes 

16. I have developed my phone “skills” and even voice modulation 

17. I’ve gained weight and I wish to cut it down 

18. I danced and performed in our Christmas parties even if that’s not really my gift 

19. My articles are published in national broadsheets, well without a byline but it is still fulfilling 

20. I’ve met Atty. perfecto Yasay 

21. I’ve learned how to use photoshop and still learning a lot of things 

22. I’ve met a fellow kpop and very energetic Zen 

23. I’ve tried Zumba 

24. I’ve organized several big events including a concert of Up Dharma Down 

25. I’ve got my master’s degree

Oh well, that’s all for now. Life has a lot to offer and I am glad that I am living my life with people of Southville. Catch my school at http://www.southville.edu.ph. 


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