#Day 145: Relentless,Overflowing,Beyond Compare (September 11,2015,Friday)

It felt like passing the board exam when after almost a month of waiting I finally got the most awaited review from a Wattpad author. It was an achievement for me especially that the reviewer only gets to read 1 to 2 chapters then she gives her recommendation. 

The verdict? She gave me an excellent rating saying that my story is something new and it presented a “real life” challenge.

I guess for writers like me a good review is like a pat on the back, an encouragement to keep going. 

Not all the time though, I get good reviews from my readers. Some would tell me that I need to do this and that, and yes, I still welcome these comments with a postive heart, after all, they still read my stories. And make the storylines better.


In life, not all will say good things about us. People speak of negativities and we can’t help at times but to get hurt. Well, do not let these negative things stop you. Bring them to the Lord and make each day a learning opportunity. Shine. 


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