#Day 146: A Fully Booked Saturday (September 12,2015,Saturday)

The sun was beaming with joy, the clouds were singing with excitement and I was a little nervous of the first event at Fully Booked.

Well this was not the first time that we’d organize an event outside the school but the venue was something new but yeah, as expected, God  orchestrated everything and didn’t leave us during the whole event, showering walk-in participants and taking control of everything that even if it rained hard, we got home safe and sound. 

He used people to help us set up our things, facilitate the whole program and make it more memorable. 

There are times when we feel uncertain of the decisions that we do. I guess it’s normal but we should not let our fear hinder us from enjoying what we have. I mean if we give our best and we let God take charge, then why worry?

*Photo underscores the joy of working together and being one. 


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