#Day 147: Good Morning Sunday (September 13,2015, Sunday)

My Sunday is pretty awesome. 

I literally have witnessed how God is always at work in our lives from waking up early and helping my mom do the laundry, to a friend who talked to me and went to church with me after not attending a regular worship for past years, to a youth who has given her testimony and message about life, to my officemates who stayed with me during an event which lasted till around 9 in the evening. 

I had a hectic sched but never did I feel tired and the joy was just overflowing knowing that Jesus will always be with me no matter what, that even in ordinary things, God makes His presence felt. 

Today, list down those moments when you felt that you are abandoned but at the end of the day, you realized that you were never alone. You’d see how amazing God’s love is.

Great day ahead! 


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