#Day 148: Celebrating Camaraderie, Fun and Teamwork @Southville (September 14,2015, Monday)

As we officially turned 25 today, I thank God for bringing me to Southville.

Seven years ago, I was a fresh grad trying to look for a job. Initially, a week before my graduation, I was offered a job to be an assistant of a TV personality but had to decline the offer because I had committed myself to teaching Vacation Church School and they could not wait for the class to end. After my teaching stint, I had to go company by company to get a regular job, even being part of a brainstorming team of a TV station. I guess though that the long travel to Quezon City is a hard one so I had to let go too. 

Finally, after a lot of job interviews, I got a call from Southville and was told that I would be starting on June 23. I knew then that being part of Southville is God’s plan for me. I’ve prayed for him to guide me to the right company and the job offer from Southville is much more of a birthday gift since my birthday is June 22. 

Today, I take time to thank all the people I’ve met in Southville, officemates I’ve became friends with and even to our school officers who have been role models to us. 

I don’t know until when will God allow me to stay here but as long as I’m here, I’ll commit my heart and my talents  to the institution that has become my second home. 

Visit http://www.southville.edu.ph



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