#Day150: That Thing Called Photo Contest (September 16,2015,Wednesday)

Just for fun and for the sake of freebies, plus my love for the author too, I joined a quote art photo contest of Wattpad Author, @Anjsmykynze. 

You’ll win the shirt if you’ll have a lot of likes and comments. For entries to qualify, you have to have at least 100 likes. 

At first it was just a chill moment kind of thing for me  but eventually, when all the other photos have gained more likes and comments, I became a little “frantic” and thought of how on earth would I reach 100 likes when most of my friends are not into Wattpad. 

But I guess, there are really some things in life that will make you say, wow and ask yourself is this really happening when four of my friends, Bhest Jen,Sky, Tita Mylene and Clyde, including the operators of the characters I am following, Kaz and Vivienne, started calling and tagging their friends and “connections” and in less than 2 days, I’ve reached one hundred likes and the comments skyrocketed to 300 plus. Now, I pretty have a fair chance of winning although the other entries are a thousand miles away from mine. 

I don’t know if I’ll have that shirt but the experience has reminded me of 3 things:

1. If you start a project, do not get discouraged if you think it’s going nowhere, set your heart and mind into it and find every way to make it happen. Look around you, your battle is not yours alone but you can count on several people. 

2. Set specific goals. Kaz mentioned of leaving at least 300 comments a day. When you set goals, you are more concrete on measures on how you’ll achieve your target. 

3. Facebook is a very influential tool so use it to inspire, encourage, empower. 

Thanks to everyone who dropped by to like my entry. Voting is until December 12 so if you want to support me too, Just message me. Hahahaha. 


Yeah, our battles are not fought alone. Feel in your heart, God is always there to support you. 


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