#Day 152: The Multi-talented Iggyboy (September 18,2015,Friday)

I could not help but clapped my hand and “celebrated” after hearing what one of the candidates answered.

In his answer, the contestant, Ethelbirth Iggy Ignacio, stood up for Jesus Christ and shared his faith to the hundreds of audience of the Search for the Mr. and Ms. Southville Global Education Network. 

Later that night, he was crowned Mr. SGEN. 

That event was almost three years ago. Fast forward to 2015. Iggy is now my colleague and has continued to shine for Jesus. Through his simple ways, he has encouraged me to always  share how God is working in my life. His daily thoughts has reminded me of how faithful God is. and the frequent playing of praise and worship songs has “lighten” our work load. 

Today as I watched him perform again at the same stage where he was crowned, I pray to God that he will continue to use this talented, passionate and humble man for His glory. 

Iggy is a lot younger than me that he could be considered as my younger brother, yet, his life is a living testament that God is always at work whether we are young or old. He has great plans for everyone and we just have to believe and surrender our lives to Him. 


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