#Day 155: It’s a Wattpad Kind of Monday (September 21,2015)

My day started with Allan Lau, one of the founders of Wattpad, favoriting my tweets and ended with Anjsmykynyze, one of the most read Wattpad authors, featuring my story Relentless, in her own story, number 1 in chicklit that is (go check it out please 😄).

And I know you pretty much understand if I’d tell you that I literally held my breath in happiness. 

Well I guess, getting approval of people we look up to or those who are perceived as “influential” people is something that can inspire us to do better. These people have exemplified excellence in their respective fields and them recognizing our efforts is something worth celebrating. 

Not all the time though,  we get the heads up of people we look up to. At times we do not meet the expectations of our parents, the approval of the higher ups, the support of our friends or even the time of the people we love. 

This should not stop us if we know that what we do is right. If we fail, we will rise. If we lose, we will win. Never feel that you are incapable. 

Today, if you are discouraged because no one recognizes your effort, keep doing still what is right, what is pleasing to God. 


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