#Day 156: Celebrating God’s Unrelenting Providence, a Wattpad Reflection (September 22,2015,Tuesday)

Today I went home in ecstasy upon learning that after 8 months, finally, Relentless has hit the number 1 spot in Wattpad’s hotlist of spritual stories. I don’t know how Wattpad analytics works, but it just happened and I know it was not because of me. 

You see, I’ve been hoping that Relentless will hit the number one spot since January 6,2015. I told myself I’ll see my story cover in that spot soon, but it was only last night when I fully surrendered my story to the Lord. 

Last night, my prayer goes something like—-

“God please help me in this journey. You know very well that I wanted that spot so bad. It will be an accomplishment as a writer but at the same time, please use my story to reach out to more people. Please help me get that spot.” 

And today, I’ve seen how God orchestrated everything. I don’t know until when will this stay on top especially that the story is done but I know something great is yet to come. I am the trusting God’s unrelenting providence. 


Here’s a sneak peak of the story, Relentless. 


She knew pretty well that it would come to this and yet she never pictured that it would turn into reality.

They were in love, yes not soo madly in love, but when he asked her to marry him, Vianna took courage and said YES. George is a nice guy. He is not a boy next door type but he is oozing with such a personality enough to melt her heart. It was never love at first sight but there was a mutual attraction. Vianna cried at the thought of it. Why on earth is she still crying? She asked herself. She could not find one good reason. She is hurt.

She is broken.


Is love sweeter the second time around!? Or is it better to let go and leave the memories behind?

Join George and Vianna in their ups and downs of being married as they discover the joy of being in the Lord. 



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