#Day 157: Not your Ordinary Government Employees–Kudos to Las Pinas Government Employees (Wednesday, September 23,2015)

Most of the time, we have a negative perception about people who work in the government, especially in the Philippines, as presented by mass media and at times as told by the people around us—

slow, selfish, corrupt, and a lot more

But I thank the Lord that He led us, my brother and I, to the people who work in the Las Pinas Government, who despite of being “busy” still attended to us with smiling faces and with hearts of service.

Kudos to the COMELEC Employees who have skeletal people assigned during lunch time that they were able to attend to our needs continuously (yes, we got our Voter’s ID). One staff was so patient attending to a lady who wanted everything right there and then, when in fact, if you look deeper, it is actually her fault that she is experiencing problems with her ID and registration.

The lady assigned to the Post Office on the other hand was cheerful enough and cracked jokes to lighten the mode. Although she was kinda excited of having her lunch break, she was courteous enough to tell us that we have to come back at 1:00pm to process things.

The Pulanglupa 2 baranggay staff on the other hand was sweet and was able to give us what we need in less than 30 minutes, we were seated comfortably at the new baranggay hall.

Lastly, the SSS people gave all the information that we need (those who are in Ronbinsons Branch) and we were able to process our Universal ID.


Today, before you believe in what people say, try to balance things before judging them. Do not put label to people because just like me and you, they too are God’s work in progress. Be an extra more patient.





Photo credits to http://pcij.org/stories/2008/las-pinas-city-


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