#Day 158: Of Living Life and Leaving a Legacy (September 24,2015,Thursday)

Death is inevitable. You see, we all leave this world even if we feel like there is so much still to do and unlike waiting for a visitor, death comes when we least expected it. 

It is now a matter of how we live our lives while we are still alive. Do we want to waste it to oblivion or do we want to enjoy the blessings of being born? 

The death of one of my “officers” was a surprised to everyone today but I know she has lived her life to the fullest, touching the lives of the people she met, especially the students she handled when they were still in elementary. 

We will never know when will be the last time we can smile, talk to our friends, family, strangers— we can’t say when but we can all leave our marks by living a life for Jesus. When we live a life for Him, we shine for His glory and everything else falls in the right place. 
 Today, if you have not surrendered your life to Jesus yet, now is the time. 

Join me in prayer today and accept Jesus in your life too.

  Jesus, I recognize that I am a sinner, that without you I am nothing. Today, I surrender my life to    you and accept you as my personal savior. Take control of me and cleanse my heart. This I pray    in your name, amen.

Congratulations on accepting Jesus in your life. Now, even if you die, you are ready to face Him.
Photo credit to https://napreyalmario.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/memorialpark


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