#Day 159:The Birth of a Newborn (September 25,2015,Friday)

Eight years ago, I wore a spaghetti strap, criss-crossed type of orange gown in public. My shoulders were exposed as well as my back. This was not a usual thing for me but I had to because it was a privilege to be one of the bride’s cousins. 

Eight years ago, my cousin promised her forever to the man she loves and waited for almost eternity for their family to be complete. 

They did not surrender on love. Even if it took 7 years before my cousin got pregnant, they remained faithful to each other and God has blessed their marriage. 

Today, my cousin finally gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. I saw in her eyes the joy of being a mother and together we celebrated God’s provision for the couple.  


The birth of a newborn has always been a wonder. Imagine, the mother carries the baby in her womb for 9 months and in that span of time, you wait patiently and try to be as healthy as possible for the baby to be healthy too.

It is sad though that not all who gets pregnant are happy about their situation. Some seek ways to abort the baby for reasons they themselves only know.

If by any chance you are in this kind of situation and you are considering of aborting that life in your womb, think not. You may believe that it is not time yet or you are not ready yet but never think of giving up with that life that you carry. 

Surrender to God and  seek His help. He has great plans for you and the baby. It may not sound clear now especially if it’s an unexpected pregnancy but never ever consider taking that life. 
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