#Day 160:ASEAN and K-12 (September 26,2015,Saturday)

The full implementation of senior high school in the Philippines is one of the bold moves that the Philippine government has done. 

I would admit that at first, I was also kinda not sold to it especially that there is a feel that the education system that we have is not ready yet, we lack resources from classrooms, to teachers to books to trainings  and only the good private schools will be able to implement the program. 

The other half of me is for the full implementation, knowing that this will make Filipino graduates more competitive after their graduation especially with ASEAN integration. 

The integration will allow open trade, employment and a lot more to all the ASEAN members. If this happens, being the only country in Asia with 10 years of education, we might not be able to compete equally with them, thus, senior high school in a way is the answer. 


Implementing something new will always bring resistance but a strong leadership brings the nation to a better direction. 

This applies not only in leading the country but even to us, Christians. Before we accepted Jesus in our lives, we live in a not so pleasing to the Lord lifestyle, but surrendering everything to Him and allowing Him to lead our lives will “lighten” the load. 

We are all God’s work in progress after all. 

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