#Day 162: Hello Kiddo (September 28,2015,Monday)

If you wanna be friends with kids and you don’t know how to go about it, then try to talk to them using crayons. It is amazing how kids brighten up if you offer them such. You can never go wrong. They will readily start working on something and before you know it, they are already telling you a story. 

If this however will not work, then try giving them a high five! Kids will gladly raise their hand and later on you’ll be talking about anything under the sun. 

If the two strategies won’t work though, the best thing to do is to give them your most welcoming smile and they will smile back. 

The way kids wanted to be treated is somewhat similar to how we adults are attracted to people— those with bright, colorful personalities are easier to deal with, those who are open to Frienship are more loved and those who treat you warmly are treated with love in return. 

However, as adults, we should not limit ourselves— there are adults who have their dark past, yet we still have to love them and show them how colorful this world is. There are those who are afraid to socialize, then be the one to open up first and for those who do not smile at all, smile still. 

We are all little kids in a way and so let’s play. 


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