#Day 163: Visionary Leadership (September 30, 2015, Tuesday)

A leader without vision leads people astray. 

Today is such an amazing experience as I give a tour to a dignitary from an Asian country. 

I can’t help  but hope that our leaders would be as visionary as their leaders who have big plans for their people— sending their countrymen for all expense paid education knowing that investing in people brings a lot lot more result. 

I am pretty sure that our own leaders do have plans for our country but at times we need them to give us results and involve us so we’d know that something is really happening. 

Leadership does not only apply though for the elected officials. In our own workplace or even in school, we should also exemplify leadership, and not just the ordinary type but rather leaders who have vision for the people— those who have dream for a better future and commitment to make it happen.

and yeah, leaders who put God first above all.



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