#Day 165: Once upon a Fame (October 1,2015,Thursday)

Today is the official staging of Fame the Musical of our College of Communication. 

I was able to watch 10 percent of the show and even if I didn’t finish the whole production, I am pretty sure that it was a great performance. 

Why? Because I have seen how the team put so much effort during the pre-prod and how they have committed themselves to making sure that everything will run smoothly. 


Today if you are working on a project in school or even in your company or even for your family, make sure that you put your all in all— your dedication, time, energy, commitment and do not do things halfheartedly. Pulling off a project might be challenging especially if it’s an intricate one but at the end of the day, if you have given you’re all, then there’s a sense of fulfillment once you have done it. 

Ofcourse, do not miss out on including God and asking for his guidance. You might think that you’re doing good but God would have the best options. Include His plan in your own plan and see how wonders unfold.

Happy planning! 


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