#Day 172: A Yakult Story (October 8,2015,Thursday)

Yakult makes my day complete especially if I would have free ones from my dad, mom or brother. Anything that’s free is something I usually celebrate (:,)

Today is a different one though because I got inspiration from the Yakult  lady herself who shared the story of her life. 

The lady who happens to be selling newspapers too apart from yakults is one of the “sidewalk” vendors I usually see on my way to our village. 

We got a good 10 minute chat while I waited for my brother. Sitting beside her as I listened to her big dream for her children (the husband just passed away 2 months ago) is something I would always treasure. 

Her passion is so overwhelming that up until now I can’t help but smile as I recall what she said:

“Ang sabi KO sa mga anak KO, mag-aral Ng mabuti. Yun Lang mapamana ko lalo at patay na asawa KO.”


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