#Day 173: It’s a Fruitful Kind of Friday (Friday, October 9,2015)

I always have a thing for kids. They are very natural and adorable in their own way and today, despite of a toxic day, I got a breather when I saw Sofia, the student I assisted back when she was still in senior prep. 

I remember her giving me her own recordings two years ago in a cd and up until now, when I feel like wanting to “lighten” my day, I listen to her songs. 
Today I got to see her again, a little taller and much more amazing as she showed her card with almost perfect grades in all her subjects. 
Kids, Jesus said let them come to Him and as I try to reflect on this, I realize that the passage is not just meant for the kids but even for us adults, after all we were all once kids and there will always be a child in us. While it is true that Jesus sees us as adults who are capable of doing something great, He also sees us children who are in need of a great Father. 


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