#Day 174: Looking Like Gem (Saturday, October 10,2015)

Hi Gem, this post is for you

Because you are one in a million hue

I am so glad to know you are safe

Please always remember that I care. 


If there’s someone who understands me so much apart from my immediate family, it’s no other than my cousin Gem. She might be half of my age but we share so many things in common. 

Last night, as she got released from the hospital, I have nothing but thanksgiving to God for healing her especially that I had no way of running to Laguna to take care of her. 

At times, when we receive news that our friends or family members are sick and if they are far from where we are, we usually feel worried and anxious, but today is a reminder not to. If you can’t be physically present to show how much you care, always remember that prayers are powerful enough to bring comfort, love and healing. Put your trust in Him. 


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