#Day 181: Empowering Parents to Empower Children (Saturday,October 17,2015)

Today is one of the best presentations I ever had for I know that apart from discussing about our senior high school programs, I was able to help out parents with their decision making process with ther kids. 

So let me share to you what I’ve told them in choosing the track for senior high school: 

Consider to S.T.O.P. and evaluate 

Strengths and skills 

Time— how do you see yourself? 


Passion— what’s in their heart 
I guess we can apply this too in our own workplace and contribute something to the organization we are in:

Consider the strength of your officemate, see how you can work together. Share common vision, explore opportunities and be passionate eith what you do. 

How do you apply the S.T.O.P. Process in your own area? Let me know. 


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