Merry Christmas Indeed 

Today, my ENT doctor said that I am completely healed from my ear problem at the moment and that I have nothing to worry about it anymore. ‘You will be healed’ he said prior to me getting another ear cleaning and I could not help but feel overly joyful with the news he just said. 
My hearing tests and my xray both said that I still have my left ear intact and I can still function as ‘human being.’ That means I can still listen to my favorite boyband Westlife, dance with 2PM and jam with Hillsong, Toby Mac, Chris Tomlin, Big Daddy Weave and sing praises to God. 
My medical journey started at the age of nine when I woke up one day feeling the extreme pain in my left ear. We went to an EENT doctor and was told that there was a need to for me to undergo a major operation wherein my left ear will be opened and there would be a slight chance of getting healed. 
We sought a second opinion and were told that a minor operation should be done. My parents brought me to a third doctor and by God’s grace, that third doctor didn’t recommend any operation, but rather, I had to undergo medication for a year, taking almost 7 tablets a day and was ‘banned’ from swimming. 
Five years later, when we thought that everything was doing great and wonderful, we finally decided that I can join our family’s annual swimming outing and the next day, I was at the EENT doctor again, this time, my left eardrum has been damaged and I had to wear an earplug everytime Id take a bath. Further, the doctor said I have sinusitis.

That sinusitis has been a constant visitor. Every now and then, I’d wake up at night with clogged nose and could hardly breath. I became dependent with ascorbic acid and would take neozep, decolgen, bioflu and other decongestants. 
Fast forward to 2015, 7 days before Christmas, I woke up with extreme pain in my left ear again. It was so unbearable that I could neither eat nor speak properly. Worst is, I was chosen to be part of a choir group for our Christmas presentation. 


My life is a testament of God’s miracle—a broken eardrum, swollen sinuses, poor eyesight and yet, I was able to survive 19 years of having this. Still surviving, still healing, still growing. My inflictions did not stop me from enjoying what life has to offer. Yes, I experience challenges and thing beyond control, but at the end of the day, I still find joy knowing that God has a bigger plan for me. 
Merry Christmas everyone. May we always remember that Jesus is born to save us.


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