Of Learning and Discoveries 

I have always been fascinated with Psychology. 
Back in college, my professor, Ms. Ma. Gwendolyn C. Llano inspired me a lot to discover this field that I thought, maybe in the future, I would pursue this after I finish my degree in Mass Communication. 
And by God’s grace years after I started working, I found myself listening to my profs as I pursued my MA in Psychology. The learnings I got from my graduate studies helped me a lot with my work as well as with my writing stints. 
I wish to share this to everyone and encourage you guys to take MA in Psychology too. 
Southville International School and Colleges now offers this program. We officially started last September. 
I sat-in in one of the classes and I would say that the class is very much engaging, allowing everyone to be able to share and learn from each other. Sir Ruel Aterrado Cajili is like a mentor to me. =)
The program specializes on:
1. Advanced Psychological Assessment and Measurement 

2. Advanced Counseling and Psychotherapy

3. Advanced Abnormal Psychology

4. Advanced Theories of Personality 

5. Human Behavior in Organization 

6. Organizational Development and Human Resources Management and Planning You may still enroll just in case you are considering. 
and if you wish to be classmates with me (LOL) I am pursuing another field that I have fell in love with. Marketing and so since September, I have been attending MBA classes.
Southville also offers MBA that is flexible, blended and challenging. 

While it is true that I am sort of struggling, our Dean Dr Victor Manabat is very supportive and is like a coach to us. Every session is a learning activity and a discovery of something new. It is like a new playground where I get to discover a lot of aha moments. 
and maybe in the future, after I finish my MBA, I might consider taking MA in Information Technology since everything is going digital now. and yeah, Southville offers this one too. Our Dean Dr. Aris Ignacio is such an expert that I know I will be learning a lot too. 
Know more about these programs and visit 


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