Wake Me Up When October ends 

I got a lot of stresses these past few days from work to school to class and to even writing an update for a story. You see, I sooo love to write and yet I dont have time to do so. It feels like I am turning my back from the promise I made with the Lord. 
Last night, I slept before 10 and could not really get up. That tiring feeling that your body cant carry anymore and yeah, I had to review, finish an assignment and prepare for a report today. 
Guess what, at 2:30 in the morning, God woke me up and gave me wisdom to work on my assignment and all the other stuff. 
As I write this post, I am teary-eyed knowing that our Father really never gets tired of lifting us up and embracing us in His arms. 
It is just a humbling experience.
And since it’s gonna be sem break, I’ll find time to SLEEP and wake up when October ends. 


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