365 Days of Blessings: Version 2.0-Hug me back blogging! (Week 1)

February 4, 2017

It was a mixture of emotion as I dragged myself to the room for a new subject we are supposed to take.

I mean, yeah, I was excited to discover something new but at the same time, just reading the name of the subject sent shiver down to my every cell.

I am still in that level where I have to learn a lot about technology and I dunno if I would be able to enjoy the class but I took all the enthusiasm I had and woke up to make it for the early class and lo and behold, my worries turned into nothingness as our professor laid down what Information Management is about and how the knowledge of this will help us perform better in our organizations we are connected with.

As the lecture went on, my mind had a virtual travel of our processes in the office and the school in a wider perspective. It is good to know that even if I am not an expert in the field, I can also help out improving our current practices and coming up with a proposal on possible “changes” entailing the use of technology.

Management Information is not limited to the knowledge of technology but its more of knowing how your processes work and the systems you use and being able to spot check what can you possibly do to improve the current set up so that there is more efficiency and productivity. Knowledge of this will help us link the top management processes and systems to the very first frontliner of “defense” of the organization.

So as I go back to writing my 365 days of blessings, let me start with me praising the Lord for this new subject that made me see things in a different angle. And I am so excited to keep going.


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