Who says its small? Musings in my IM class (365 Days of Blessings Week2)

When there are so many issues you need to resolve, look at it at microscopic and start addressing simple ones.

This is what I realized in our class recently as we tried to look at the processes of our institution. At first, when our Professor mentioned about evaluating the processes of the company we are connected with, I must admit that it was sort of “shaky” for me as there are a lot of inter-related processes among departments and given a short period of time, I wont be able to even come up with a project that would solve one big problem. I would have to consider several factors, consult people and allot time, energy and what not.

As we continued with the discussion though, I became more excited knowing that I may not be able to address big issues all at the same time but I can still do something small that would impact the organization.

And while we were on break, I got to discuss the idea with my professor and got his “support” of the improvement I thought of. He even suggested ways to give structure to the idea.

And that was a month ago. Now, we are running the “idea” and its working and helping the department I am connected with.

As to what the idea is, let me write something about it again pretty soon.

But as I said, our Information Management Class made me realized that no matter how small your actions maybe, if you give your heart to it, it’s not small at all. Cells put together is a body organ, 25 cents put together is one peso. If you cant solve the problems one time big time, try closing one at a time.


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