Of Reporting, Reaching Out and what not (365 days of blessings, Week 3)

I must say it was a liberating feeling.


More than being able to finally present and close this another chapter of my ‘MBA life’, it is the opportunity to share to the group the story behind my proposed system that made it liberating.


You see, sometimes, when I tend to share my thoughts, I get to step back a bit and not totally share because most likely as it is, people are not sold to my ideas. Either my proposals are too unrealistic or its hard enough to pursue and at times people will just leave them behind, shelf them and forget.


But what I presented was way different. Seeing my classmates and my professor supporting my project is such a relief. It was a simple improvement of an existing process but they too saw the big impact it may bring to the institution.


I must say that my Information Management class has brought a lot of realizations from day 1 up until now as I work on this blog entry.


More than knowing the role of technology in our everyday processes, the subject reminded me that understanding the processes of the company requires openness and attention to details so we can incorporate systems that will better improve the organization.  No matter how perfect the system may be, there will always be a better way of delivering the services and a better way of getting things done.


Linking it to the ministry of reaching out to people, it is a good reminder to speak for Jesus in a language that people will better understand. If there is a need to adjust to their need, do so, pray about it and let God do the changing of heart. Be flexible and be willing to be used wholeheartedly.


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