Hush… Sunday Confession

I randomly called some friends around lunch time just to share how God finds a way to our lives. And because I cannot call everyone, I am posting this =)
Waking up past 8 in the morning, there was a strong urge for me to sleep a little more and wake up later just to make it to the church service at 10 or if I will miss the service, I told myself I can just listen to 702 DZAS – FEBC Radio or SAVED Radio for devotions. I needed rest still for Monday will be for sure a busy day.
I checked on my phone and woke up to the message of Tita Dottie Roman Banares that I’ll be teaching today. and I really dont know what happened but I replied right away and said yes. Just when I was planning on not going to church, God found a way to get to involve me.
My students (around 25 of them, mostly from a community that our church adopted) welcomed me with their warm embraces and their smiles that gave me more than energy. They have reminded me of how simple life is. When I asked them of things they wanted to thank Jesus for (one by one of them), they were able to mention things right away without batting an eyelash (LOL) except for some few who are still shy.
The most significant is the one coming from a 9 year old girl who said:
Salamat kay Jesus kasi kahit na nagmumura ako minsan tinanggap pa rin Niya ako. Di siya namimili…
and later on she added,
napahinto na ako sa pag-aaral pero salamat sa teacher ko kasi nakabalik ako.
These students are still surviving from a huge fire and the community is still trying to stand and yet, in their hearts are thanksgiving that go way beyond.
If I chose to stay at home and not go to church, yes, I would be able to listen to devotions but I wont get to listen to that 9 year old girl.

Thank you Tita Dottie Roman Banares you have thought of texting me. Thank you too for being a channel of blessing to and inspiration.


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